Architectural Alphabet Photography
Posted on October 29th, 2015

Architectural Alphabet Photography – What Is It About?

​Alphabet photography was first introduced to us back in 1999 when a book entitled Alphabet City was published and released to the public. It was written by Stephen Johnson and the book was made for children, but if you had actually seen a copy of it, then you probably wouldn’t believe that this sort of book was actually for kids. It did not contain a single word in it, thus making it a very special and unique piece of literature for its time. The book only had pictures of various objects that we would normally find in the big city and while it might sound like a book that was randomly put together, it actually had a very unique twist to it. You see, all of the pictures in the book resembled a different letter of the alphabet and this is what would inspire a woman by the name of Jennifer Blakeley to further expand on this idea.

Stephen Johnson’s book was perhaps the first to use the concept of architectural alphabet photography because it made use of photos of various buildings and other urban structures that all looked like letters of the alphabet. Jennifer Blakeley of Canada is the person that they credit for giving alphabet photography some mainstream exposure after she travelled all around Canada and started to take several hundred photos of whatever objects that she saw. If the object happened to look like one of the letters of the alphabet, then you can bet that she was going to be adding it to her collection.

The unique thing about these photos is you can arrange them to spell out a word, name or phrase and have them framed so you can display them inside your home. This is what made celebrities like Ryan Seacrest and Oprah Winfrey fall in love with the concept of nature and architectural alphabet photography because they made for great gift ideas and helped to add more value to your home’s interior. If you are looking to give something unique to a loved one, then this would be a great thing to consider. 

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